Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ice Cake


da bell wen ring
backpacks on,
slippah's on da hands,
nuttin' on our feet

we wen race behind da buildings
cut behind da office
down da rainbow color lanai
tru da ti leaf and red ginger
to da cafeteria
as fass as we can
cuz we wuz hoping for
da moss rarest treasure of all times...

Da Chocolate Ice Cake!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tree an' in Love

Small kid time
Had only Tree tings I truly loved:
my red rubber boots,
my scoop net,
and ice cream

when i was about tree
I wen love ice cream so much
I wen wake up suppa early
befoa everybody else ( bumbye I get caught )
an' i wen pull my little red chair
all da way across da kitchen floor
in front of da ice box
foa get to da ice cream

I wen love ice cream so much
I wen sit in front of da tv
stay watching cartoons
an' i wen wack one whole half gallon by myself

my love affair wit ice cream
was so frickin' intents
my fadda had fo' put one lock
ontop da freeza...

cuz i was Tree
an' in Love.

Saturday Morning Spam & Eggs

Sweet dreams...cut short
by da aromatic alarm clock
das wafting in tru my room
an' da familiar crackle and pop
of da frying pan

I roll ova ontop my back
wipe da makapi'api'a
an' jump outta bed,
racing into da kitchen
cuz get Saturday Morning Spam & Eggs!

Pidgin - English Translations

Bumbye - Sooner or later

as in: I goin' come ova dea bumbye

K den - Farewell

as in: Hui braddah, i stay goin'. K den.

Shoots - Yes ( in agreement )

as in: Wot, you like go beach?

Da Kine - Whatchamacallit

as in: Eh! Your bradda dem's house stay by... Da kine?


take me by the hand
give me a mirror
so i can watch myself sink
no fight
amused by my apathy
solace in the instability
comfort in the fragility
refuge in the inconsistency
mocking myself merrily
happily descending
into peaceful plunder

Dining with Emotions

Swallowed my heartache
drank away my guilt
consumed my insecurities
devoured my inhibition

savored the tears
choked on the joy
sipped happiness
doggie-bagged fear

nibbled on forever
wet my appetite for love
re-fill of infatuation
shot of sincerity

parched for honesty
chugged hope
sent certainty back
another round, please


moments frozen in time
hold more lies
than the truth of everchanging lovers

black and white
smiles and laughter
stare mockingly
jeering in contempt

Episodes parade across my mental television
Re-runs of raw emotion
Fists, Kisses, and Embraces

who we were
not who we are
merely memories for better or worse

sweet retribution
and dance